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A Little About Where it all Started

Welcome to Nifty Nature Fix! My story starts with being raised to a Costa Rican mother and a Canadian father. I moved to Costa Rica when I was young and we lived a simple non-materialistic life. Something resonated with me that living life on a budget while being sustainable was the way I wanted to continue living. I later became a geotechnical engineer, and was driven to that career by the pure power of the earth and the soil we stand on. I then wanted to incorporate nature and soil not only into my day job but also into my daily life.

I now live in Edmonton with my boyfriend and cat where we grow most of our produce organically in the summer and farmers market hunt in the winters!  I love having the chance to share my passions and wonderings with my lovely readers. Explore my site, and enjoy.


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Best Companion Plants for your Veggie Garden

Here in Edmonton we're told not to get too anxious and start your outside garden before May long weekend because it could snow and there is a decent chance it just might! Elsewhere in warmer climates you can start before then, or just start your inside garden early then it'll be ready to plant outside come May long. When you start to plan your garden and think about what you'd like to grow this year, it is important to keep in mind you want to build strong plant communities. Certain plants grown close to each other can actually help one another out. This is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your garden as they can help increase the nutrients in the soil, fend off pests or provide som


Edmonton, AB, Canada

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