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How Eating Healthy is Easier than you Think

Most people I know tend to think that eating healthy will cost an arm and a leg. The truth is that it doesn't have to and there's no need to keep deterring from it. If we want to live a holistic lifestyle there are several basic things we can do to keep our body, mind and soul healthy.

Our body, mind and soul are interconnected and therefore if one of them is negatively affected the others will also suffer.

One of the best ways to avoid this from happening is to eat holistically. This means avoiding processed, greasy, high sugar foods and moving towards organic whole foods. Foods that contain a high level of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that haven't been processed or genetically altered.

For many of us it's the extra time and effort it may take to eat mindfully but with a few tips and tricks you too can eat healthy without breaking the budget!

So here are a few simple ways to eat healthy on a budget.

1) Plan out a budget either daily or weekly and make sure it fits into your monthly budget.

2) Don't fall for deals at the grocery store...I have done this many times and then realize I really didn't need it.

3) Check out and support local farmers markets or even go straight to the farm or producer. There are also local delivery box companies like SPUD or Organic Box here in Edmonton which are good options.

4) Shop in season and watch prices. The produce will be tastier in season and cheaper. Local organic produce can be cheaper than out of season produce sent in from elsewhere.

5) Know what you are willing to compromise on and what you are not. For instance I buy organic produce from markets but may be willing to compromise with the "Clean Fifteen".

6) Don't throw out food! This is a game changer. If we do we are literally throwing our money out. Assess your fridge situation every few days and come up with meals you can make with the things you have or see what you can put into the freezer.

7) Walk away from pre-made products. Up to you but I like making my own snacks and knowing there aren't any preservatives in them plus it's usually cheaper.

8) Re-purpose leftovers, this is a big one. I have been known to always take my pho home and then never eat it... It's easy to spruce things up the next day or they can be a lovely addition to a meal. This will not only save money but waste too!

9) Plan your meals to accommodate what you already have in the fridge and be conscious of what you need before you go to the market. This will dramatically help reduce over spending.

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