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Local Hidden Gem Fairtrade/Handmade Boutique

Last week I was walking down 124th St here in Edmonton, heading to my favorite health store and I stumbled upon a very quaint but amazing boutique. I went in and instantly was enveloped by the scent of incense. The music I heard was playing from a little antique music player at the front and I was definitely feeling fairly groovy.

I started perusing the isles and instantly saw so many amazing i'd say "hippie style" garments and started getting super excited I had hit the jack pot!

I haven't been living here all that long and I've really been searching for boutiques that are concentrated on showcasing local artisans and/or importing fair trade clothing.

The Frog Kissers Den is located on 124th Street and i'm happy that I finally found what I was looking for by accident. That's the best.

I definitely recommend checking out this awesome little store and let me know what you think.

Tag @theniftynaturefix to let me know what your nifty nature finds were! Hope you guys love it like I did!

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