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Tastey Plant-Based Cafe - Moth Cafe

If you're into brunching like I am then you'll want to check this place out in Edmonton. My girl friend and I try to check out new places in town and she recommended we try this one recently. Side note go check out her blog "The Sunshine Sophisticate" for travel, lifestyle & relationship tips, It's great!

So as you can see the design and vibes of this place are amazing. People actually went up and sat down in the hammock chair and couch while they ate it was awesome. Behind me they had all kinds of hanging plants from logs on the ceiling, I honestly loved everything about the interior of this place.

After we composed ourselves and were done taking photos (mostly) we sat down at a two seater table near the window. My friend ordered a cappuccino and I tried out one of their kombucha gin concoctions. I must say the gin kombucha was delightful and I highly recommend you try one.

For brunch I ordered the moth bowl, and let me just say it was beyond delicious. I've been to some plant-based restaurants before where I've found the food to be kind of bland sometimes but this bowl was full of flavor! The vegan sausage was mind blowing, I didn't ask but I am assuming they make it themselves otherwise I would run to the store and get some for my home. My friend ordered the pancakes and she said they were to die for as well.

So needless to say this cafe was a hit for both of us. It was definitely a 5 out of 5 and we will most likely become regulars.

Go check them out at 9449 Jasper Ave!

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