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Catarata Del Toro - Off the Beaten Path

Every time I go back to Costa Rica I try to check out some new places I've never been to. This last trip I did some research and found out about the Catarata del Toro (Del Toro waterfall) which looked pretty damn awesome to me. It also worked out because it ended up being somewhat on route from Arenal to my moms house in Grecia.

We left La Fortuna in the morning to set off on our next adventure. Mike drove while I navigated, which at times was a bit stressful but we adapted the "Pura Vida" mentality and took things in stride. The directions to the waterfall took us on this skinny and winding mountainous road which was a tad scary at times but our little rental somehow made it and we arrived at our destination.


There are several different waterfalls in this area, we just opted to do this one because I was excited to see my mom but if you go I'd recommend checking out the others too, they look amazing.

This waterfall is fed by an extinct volcano and tumbles into an extinct volcano crater. As soon as you see it, you'll immediately be in awe. The whole area kind of reminds me of how I picture dinosaurs territory, it's very otherworldly.

Once you gather yourself after staring at it from above it's time to make your way down. The trail takes you through the rainforest where there are several view points to take photos of the amazing scenery. Eventually you'll reach the 375 step staircase of death, i'm kidding it's not that bad and totally worth it. You may have to take a couple of breaks on the way up like me or maybe you're super fit and then good for you.

After you make your way down you'll have reached the base of the majestic Catarata del Toro!

It's pretty windy down there and lots of mist in the air, We were there towards the end of high season and we only saw a handful of people which was nice and they seemed to be mostly ticos (locals). Of course we asked one of the friendly passerbys to take our picture.

Below is a picture of where the water from the waterfall flows through a canyon leading to where I picture the dinosaurs would be. Leave a comment below if you agree it looks like that or if i'm way off.

We left this amazing place astonished and very pleased we decided to stop in. The pictures don't even do this place justice so definitely go see for yourself if you have the chance!

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