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Handmade Soap Making Journey

About 6 months ago I got the idea of making my own organic soaps. I didn't want to use soaps bought from the stores that were made with lots of chemicals and toxins. I wanted to know what exactly I was putting on my skin.

So I bought a reputable book off Amazon called The Natural Soap Making Book for Beginners and off I went. I started off with a simple recipe and my first batch actually turned out really well which surprised me. The only thing that I didn't realize is with cold process soaps they have to sit and cure for about 4-6 weeks before anyone can use them but it goes fast once you've made a few batches. I experimented with several recipes before I settled on the type of soap that I like and created my own recipes which was a fun and creative process.

I wanted to make high quality organic soaps to the standards that I approve of before I let anyone try them. The soap above is a friend/family favourite. It's made with organic oatmeal and scented with organic lavender essential oil. This soap deeply exfoliates, lathers well and has a lovely smell that's not too potent. I have a mixture of everyday soaps and exfoliating soaps that you would typically use to compliment your daily soap a couple of times a week. All the soaps I make are hydrating and each have their specific benefits.

I have since registered my trade name with Alberta registries and put in my applications with Health Canada on my core soap recipes. I thought that getting my boyfriend on the organic soap train would take a while but he actually really liked them, which is great so we don't need to buy any store bought now. All the feedback so far has been nothing but positive which I really appreciate! I also recently made a beer soap using an Alberta craft beer IPA which is different but cool.

What first started out as a hobby, well lets be real still is a hobby...Has now kind of become a very small business. It's still very much in the beginning stages but it's been a lot of fun making them, using them and having other people love them and want to buy them!

I started up a website where you can buy them, or if you live in the Edmonton area you can contact me and I can deliver them so you don't have to pay the shipping fee.

Check out my website at:


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