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My Top Must Have Items

I started doing research into the ingredients that were in the products (mostly skin care) I was buying about a year ago. What I found out blew my mind... and I started to feel like we shouldn't just trust what Health Canada allows companies to use... Especially when you realize that smoking is still somehow legal although "each day, 100 Canadians die of smoking-related illness".

Finding out the truth about what chemicals and toxins I was actually putting on my skin is what prompted me to start making my own body balms and soaps etc... My previous blog post goes into more details about that topic but I wanted to tell you about the products I now use which are better for your health and provide you with an alternative to toxic products or at least get you thinking in that direction. Life is short we don't need to make it any shorter!

Daily Moisturizer

I use Avalon organics peppermint hand and body lotion for my everyday lotion. It definitely is revitalizing as it claims! You may want to try their lavender lotion if you like more gentle/subtle lotions.

Lotion is especially important because you are putting it on your skin which is our largest organ and it absorbs all the ingredients of the lotion into our bodies. Be sure to stay clear of phthalates, parabens and artificial colours or fragrances. Health Canada doesn't require companies to give up their trade secret so they can put what ever chemicals they want into the term "fragrance or parfum" so stay clear of lotions with that labelled in their ingredients.

Laundry Detergent

For laundry detergent we used to use Gain or Tide as most people do but again I looked at the ingredients and there are so many toxins and chemicals! I went on the hunt for a laundry detergent that was better for the environment while also healthier for us. I found Molly's Suds ultra concentrated laundry powder that is scented with Peppermint... You may come to realize that I love peppermint! Anyways this works great, you don't need to use much and it gives off a light scent. You can get the unscented version as well, which ever suits you best. Both the lotion and the detergent I buy from Amazon prime and the photos above have been linked.


This is where I plug my own soap of course. Again I used to use whatever Mike my boyfriend would buy (generally old spice soaps) and they just aren't good for you. Most body washes from the store weren't cutting it either with "fragrance or parfum" in the ingredients. So I started making my own organic soaps for our own use and I love them! From exfoliating to non-exfoliating soaps scented with all kinds of different organic essential oils, it's just nice knowing what we are putting on our skin. If you are interested in trying some please drop me a line and I can send you a free sample or you can head to my website www.niftynaturesoaps.com

I wanted to share with you a few of the daily items that I use now and I think it's important to at least start thinking about because what we put on our skin affects our health and well-being. It may cost a bit more than the generic toxic products but when it comes to your and your families health, it's worth it.

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