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Hidden Gem Waterfall Park in Costa Rica

I have been holding off on writing this post because I thought it might be a little tone deaf or just bad timing but then on second thought I realized that we all need something to look forward to when this is all over and this place really is a hidden gem.

We had a trip planned to go to Europe in June but that has obviously been postponed indefinitely... and instead of fretting or being super disappointed I decided to reminisce about an amazing place we discovered on my last trip. I am writing this in hopes that I can give you some inspiration for life after the apocalypse.

So some of you know that I grew up part of my childhood on a beach called Palo Seco which literally translates to Dry Stick... but that's a story for another time. During my last trip to Costa Rica we went back to Palo Seco shown below and while we were there we asked friends if there were any waterfalls near by.

One of my close friends Brooke thought about it and told us about Rainmaker... Obviously intrigued by the name alone we set off to discover this unknown realm.

On the way there we legit thought we might be lost after the pavement ended but nope the dirt road keeps going. When we showed up it looked kind of like a farm but had a parking area in front. There were very few people there and it kind of feels like you have the place all to yourself.

My mom is my absolute square one best friend in this world and we always go on random fun adventures together so obviously she came along with us for this one. She also happens to be afraid of heights and we were not aware that there were going to be so many hanging bridges to cross... She was definitely a little terrified but I loved seeing her conquer her fears and ultimately make yet another crazy memory with me.

There she is taking her last step off one of the longest bridges. I am sad we didn't bring beers to cheers her after, but we'll know for next time!

At the end of the walk there are several different pools you can hop into. The water is crystal clear and fairly cold but trust me after the hike through the hot and humid jungle it is a wish come true!

The hike was about an hour and a half in total and wasn't too challenging but there was about 30 minute stretch of stairs to climb. Along the way there are quite a few break spots with benches to look at the view and catch your breath though so we just took it slow.

Also before I forget, you can buy your lunch at the same time as you buy your ticket. We didn't realize this until after as we were pretty hungry and ready for a beer but had we bought it earlier it would have been ready for us for when we finish the hike. Not to fret though there is a cool local spot just down the road called Tilapias which has good casados and beer!

Also they offer free walking sticks which I highly recommend taking along with you as they come in handy going up and down all the stairs.

The hike made for a fun day and I recommend coming here if you're going to Jaco or Manuel Antonio during your trip. We also made it there in a car so you don't need a 4x4.

Each trip back I try to find hidden gems away from tourist traps that I have yet to discover which I'll continue to do and update you guys on the best not commonly known spots to go to!