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Best Natural Baking Soda Free Deodorants

Some of you may already be using natural deodorant or maybe you are on the verge of making the change to a non-toxic regime. I tried once before to switch to natural a deodorant without any success as I found them not working and I would smelly a little funky and no body wants that!

So after the first failure I went back to regular antiperspirant which I wasn't happy about but it seemed to be the only thing that worked. By "work" I mean it would clog my sweat glands with aluminum salts so I wouldn't sweat. Then I thought what am I doing ?! Am I nuts that isn't natural at all!! We are supposed to sweat...

I started doing research again on different natural deodorants and one thing I found out was that a lot of natural deodorants contain baking soda or (sodium bicarbonate). Deodorant's containing baking soda I personally do not like as it tends to stays sticky at least for me anyway, and slightly irritates my skin. When I looked into it further, the baking soda actually causes a slight chemical reaction with our skin as it is very alkaline and our skin is slightly acidic. This can potentially disrupt our skins natural PH balance and cause irritation. So something to keep in mind.

I tried a total of nine different natural deodorant's shown below. I am not going to go into why I don't like some of them, instead I will list my personal top 4 picks that I will continue to use on the daily. If you choose to give any of these a try, please keep in mind that if you are switching from non-natural to natural deodorant there is quite a bit of an adjustment period for your body so keep that in mind and push through! You got this.

Also this is just my personal opinion from my own experience, everyone is different and I realize we may like different scents etc. but scents aside I like the formula's of these deodorants. If you have a questions about any of the ones I don't go into detail about feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you.


Routine is a brand out of Calgary, Alberta which was a pleasant surprise to find out once I received it. I tried four of their scents; Blackberry Betty, The Curator, Sexy Sadie and Johnny's Cash. I liked all of the scents except for the Blackberry Betty, to me it smelt a bit like medicine but that's just my personal opinion as I know a friend of mine likes that one best. Johnny cash is more of a male friendly scent but I would say in general the scents were very herbal and earthy; I would call them "cleanly hippie" scents if that makes any sense. They are made with kaolin clay which is different to most I tried. You apply it with your finger and it goes on very smoothly and keeps you feeling dry as the clay and corn starch absorb the sweat. I generally only need to apply it once a day and a little goes a long way. I am definitely looking forward to trying more of their scents but Sexy Sadie or the Curator would be my favorite out the four I tried. If you have amazon prime and this one interests you, try the link below.


I really like this refreshing grapefruit scent and that it is made with very minimal ingredients that are ORGANIC! The arrowroot powder absorbs sweat so it leaves you feeling dry throughout the day but you might have to re-apply if you sweat a lot. I have noticed if I am stress sweating during the day at work then I will re-apply around dinner time but not because I stink just because applying it dry's your pits out. This one is also applied using your fingers or a little spatula. Try the link below if this one sounds like it's up your alley.


I kept seeing ads pop up on my Instagram for this deodorant so finally decided to give it a try. I tried the Citrus & Vetiver scent shown above and this scent I must say is glorious and what I mean by that is that it is delicious okay but really it smells like a really yummy sweet orange you would want to eat. It is a deodorant stick that glides on very smoothly, it doesn't absorb the sweat as much as the ones above but you will be smelling super fresh all day. I have a link below, but I suggest you buy from their website as it's only $15 plus shipping.

4. NATIVE - Sensitive Line

Last but not least I tried Native which a few of my friends have been using for a long time and stand by this brand that it works. I found that most of their deodorant scents do have baking soda but they have a sensitive line with limited options for scents shown above. The coconut vanilla scent is really nice, it's a big contrast to the citrusy scents above but it's more of a cozy candle scent. I really do like it especially with winter coming. This deodorant stick when applied is bit more dry feeling than the Each & Every as it has arrowroot in it so it keeps you feeling dry and I generally only need to apply it once a day to stay smelling great. I bought their sensitive pack which comes in three from their website but there is a link below from amazon to compare.

The four deodorants listed above were my favorite but I would pick the Schmidt's Sage & Vetiver sensitive skin formula as a healthy scratch. This one smells really nice and I would say could be used for men or women as it's definitely somewhat woodsy. This one you will likely need to apply twice a day.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I am always into trying new products or if anyone has any questions shoot me a message or hit me up on Instagram @niftynaturefix which I use the most.

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